Student Bill of Rights and 1976

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Dear Editor,

As a former SGA President and currentreader of the Villanovan Email Edition. Iwas amazed to read that the present SGAwas evaluating the Student Bill of Rightsunder a committee headed by Mr. T.J. Falbo. The current bill which Mr. Falbo mentioned was adopted in 1976. It was passedafter a long drawn out battle between an Administration who enforced a “in loco parentis”{in the place of a parent} policy. And a student body that wanted 60’s style rightson a 70’s Villanova campus. All wrapped together in a Nixon/Watergate/Post Vietnammentality. Looking back now I can see it was by nomeans a perfect document. But it was a workabledocument between Students, the University Senateand the Administration. Many things have changed from the 70’s,including my hair. So it seems justified thata document as important as a Student Bill ofRights should be examined on a regular basisand submitted to the University Senate so itmay properly reflect a balance between studentrights and Administration policy. Good luck to the Holland-Sabo administration and Mr. Falbo.

Terrence J. O’KeefeFairfield, ConnecticutSGA President 1975-76