Grand Opening of The Commons Holy Grounds

Jadyn Ramos, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, another brand new Holy Grounds coffee shop opened its doors on campus for the first time.  

The new location of the Holy Grounds is now open on the ground floor of Friar Hall in The Commons.  It is open daily during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for students to come and get their favorite coffee, espressos, teas, baked goods, etc.

The grand opening of the new location was made known to all the students on campus, giving them an opportunity to stop by and receive a complimentary beverage for the day.  There was a steady flow of students on and off-campus that came to The Commons that day in anticipation of trying out the new Holy Grounds.

There are many perks to this new Holy Grounds that have students excited.  For one, it is a more accessible location for the students living on South Campus along with the students living in The Commons.  Other Holy Grounds at the University are located on Main Campus where the center of student activity is. 

The new Holy Grounds also offers the same menu as the other locations, with a few additions as well. There is a list of coffee flavors and coffee syrups posted on the front counter for students to be able to look at when ordering. To the right of entering the Holy Grounds, there is also a cooler with a variety of options from grab and go breakfast, such as yogurts, to other beverage options, such as juices and waters.

A few students offered up their feedback on the opening of the new Holy Grounds and their thoughts on the new options available.

“I am so excited to not have to wait at the intersection if I want to get coffee,” freshman Anna Flynn said. “I am happy they placed a Holy Grounds close enough for freshmen to conveniently get to.”

“I love having Holy Grounds so much closer to South campus!” Claire Barrett, a junior Resident Assistant living on South campus said. “Stopping to get coffee after class without taking a detour to Connelly or Bartley is so convenient!” As for her feedback on the coffee, Barrett described it as so smooth and delicious, calling it the “classic Holy Grounds experience.”

Senior Cecilia Spesia had a different perspective on the opening of the new Holy Grounds. “As someone who isn’t on a meal plan I usually make coffee in my apartment or opt for an off-campus cafe where I can also sit and study,” Spesia said. “I love the concept of having Holy Grounds in The Commons, but I think it caters more to the freshman on South campus on their way to class.”

Abby Burns, another freshman living on South Campus, says the environment of the new Holy Grounds promotes a community atmosphere to study while enjoying coffee. “It was so cute and so welcoming,” Burns said. “Very convenient location, so I can grab my coffee on the way to class!”

 All in all, the opening of the new Holy Grounds had a lot of positive feedback from the student body and is a great addition to the University.