a pleasant visit

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I made my first trip to Villanova last weekend to visit a friend of mine for a student rugby-related event. I am usually apprehensive before meeting new groups of people, especially on unfamiliar territory. Villanova University greatly impressed me with its welcoming and open attitudes.

Often times I am met with cold shoulders and snide comments when people discover that I am a gay man. It is sad that even today people cannot accept the differences in their fellow man, and see them as beautiful colors in the rich tapestry of life. Luckily for me, at Villanova I found open minds and smiling faces aplenty.

It is always a refreshing experience to come across a community such as yours. From the rugby team to the director and cast of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” this university should be proud of its students. They are, as a whole, the most kind and benevolent group of people I’ve met.

Mike FedericojuniorUniversity of Notre Dame