Editorial: Ten ways to improve Villanova

Additional reading daysOne reading day per semester is simply not enough to prepare for the stressful workload that accompanies exams. Though students used to have two days in the spring, SGA ruined that by fighting to get classes cancelled on Martin Luther King Jr. day. Now unlucky students have just one day each semester to prepare for the possibility of multiple Saturday finals — hardly sufficient by any means. Three days per semester would be an ideal way to make sure that students get their studies taken care of without leaving so much time that partying becomes a priority.Watch some footballYes, it’s cold and it’s a Saturday and you could be taking care of other things. But students, go out and watch one of the most dedicated gridiron squads the Villanova Stadium has ever called home. Brett Gordon and Co. have recently dismantled talented squads in Delaware and Furman in must-win, pressure-filled situations. It’s well worth enduring the inclement weather to see these men do battle against the best on the gridiron.Re-pave the QuadWe applaud the efforts of the Quad renovation: it’s innovative and it’s earth-friendly. But come on, we’re tired of the loose stones getting stuck in shoes, the dirt which is still omnipresent and ditches which line the work. It’s frustrating to walk through, looks sloppy and is an eyesore for all of us. Worst of all, come January when the ground freezes, the damage to the area could be incalculable, especially considering the water it is designed to conserve. Leave this idea in sunny Florida where it can effectively conserve water without risking failure due to freezing.Webmail failuresThe University’s attempt to fix the problematic Webmail has caused more headaches than it cured. Villanova should look to the examples of larger universities, which experience daily high usage levels, as models for an effective solution instead of the current solution, which calls for a progressive purging of old saved messages. Student e-mails shouldn’t be deleted; rather, the archaic Webmail system should be brought up to date. If updating the system isn’t possible, UNIT needs to explore the possibility of scrapping in in favor of a more effective server or a program like Outlook.24-hour study facilityWe are not asking for a reduction in the workload that keeps us up all night, we are just asking for a safe, wired, study environment that is accessible to all students all the time. Bartley Hall is a beautiful building, but what good is it if it closes every night? It’s not only exam season when this facility is required; students would benefit from either extended library hours or the creation of a place for students to work until sunrise.Change for laundryIf we’re going to have to use the annoying chip feature for laundry, can we at least use some of the loose change we want to get rid of and put that on our chip? Ideally, the machines would be revamped to allow students to use the change directly in the washers and dryers instead of having to go through the Wildcard.Basketball ticket systemWe are all very excited about the men’s basketball season; we would be even more excited if all the student fans who were interested could actually attend every game of choice. Increasing the student tickets will only intensify the atmosphere produced by the faithful ‘Nova Nation, which is more important to victory than the muted golf claps of alumni.Parking ticketsThe real problem behind parking tickets is the fact that parking itself becomes quite a commodity from time to time. The University’s parking office doles out far more hangtags than it has actual spots, creating the parking crunch which frustrates so many upperclassmen. As if it isn’t frustrating enough to actually find parking on campus anywhere, to make matters worse Public Safety tickets cars oftentimes unfairly and has no qualms about using the mighty $100 boot to prove their point. Only if more spots are created can students ever beat the boot.Choose your colaMany pass this off as trivial, but not having one’s soda of choice available is hardly fair to students who prefer one brand over another. The lack of soda selection at Villanova leaves many students thirsting for more. Since Villanova is a Pepsi-only campus, loyal Coca-Cola drinkers are left to their own resources. Villanova’s decision to allow only Pepsi limits student’s freedom of choice and should be changed regardless of the opportunities such a partnership provides.Build an arts centerOur theatre and music departments deserve it. If the three Barrymore Awards from last year’s “Chicago” production don’t influence administrators, nothing will, not to mention the a cappela Haveners’ recent selection in a national singing competition. If you build a place for these people to perform, they will come. It’s hardly attractive for even interested students to attend performances held in St. Mary’s Auditorium or the CEER building.