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My name is Kasey Kerber and I’m a grad student at the University of Nebraska. I’m also the founder and president of MyProfessorSucks.com.

Our site allows students to leave positive or negative evaluations for their professors, find the best professors in the nation (listed on our A+ List), read funny evaluations (located in the Hilarious Posts section) and do quite a few other fun things just to kill some time and relax.

I’m e-mailing you in regards to a big step for MyProfessorSucks.com: our very first anniversary.

In the last year: – we had 220,338 unique visitors

– approximately 7,401 evaluations were submitted on 3,173 professors

– our traffic rating increased 190,000 ranks to make us one of the largest college sites on the planet

– we were featured on CollegeClub.com, DailyJolt.com, About.com, the Netsurf Digest, DigitalSurvivalGuide.com, Procrastinating.com, The Pocket Internet, Links2See.com, and (a story for ABC’s 20/20 is currently in production, while an article will also appear in YM’s March 2003 edition)

I’m also e-mailing you to announce a new program we’ve begun that will hopefully let even more students know about MyProfessorSucks.com. We are starting a “Campus Rep” program that will allow us to have a representative at every school in the U.S. and Canada – including yours.

Having been a former editor at the Daily Nebraskan (U. of Nebraska), I remember getting press releases all the time. Some were incredibly pushy – while others were cornier than your average can of creamed corn.

I really don’t want this e-mail to be considered either. That’s why I’m humbly asking you to visit our site. If, after checking it out, you decide MyProfessorSucks.com is about as newsworthy as what kind of fertilizer is used on your campus grass, then that’s okay. If you’d like more information on our site or need an interview, I’m happy to help (I’ll even make the long distance call)

Our site can be found at this address: http://www.MyProfessorSucks.com

Thanks for your time and I wish you luck with the ongoing semester…

Sincerely, -Kasey