Letter to the Editor

To the Editors:

I want you to know how much the good wishes, gifts, cards, flowers, phone calls, visits and prayers of students and faculty meant to me during my recuperation. Your spirits were with my spirit and the “Villanova presence” was always there with me. Thank you so much. While accidents like mine are never welcomed, it did afford me an opportunity to see life from a different perspective and I came to know, at a deeper level, how important the people you love are in adding to the happiness of your life. You certainly made a difference in my life for which I am truly grateful. My speed is not quite back to Mach 1 (half a Mach currently) but my navigation skills have risen to great heights! Knowing me as you do, I am sure you will not find this hard to believe.

Once again, my thanks for all your love, support and concern. My husband Jim also sends his thanks and appreciation. May the New Year be a great one for you. Know that you hold a very special place in my heart.

Gratefully and with warm wishes,

Dr. Helen LaffertyUniversity Vice President