Press Release–Virtual Clubhouses: Student Organizations Go High Tech

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Virtual Clubhouses: Student Organizations Go High Tech

Interactive Web Technology Takes the Hassle Out of Managing Student Organizations

(January 24, 2003 – Austin, TX) Participating in the day-to-day extracurricular activities of a student organization is fun and fulfilling, but you also need to find time to study. Student organizations and other groups are turning toward web technology to help manage their clubs, streamlining the amount of time it takes officers to run the daily operations of their organizations.

“Most Organizations’ web sites don’t do anything,” says Steve Dahill, founder of “Instead of helping, the website just becomes another burden, something to have to keep current.” What organizations need, according to Dahill, is technology that helps them manage memberships, dues, and event registrations. “No matter how big your organization is or what your purpose is, your website should be a management tool as well as an informational tool.”

He should know. Dahill and his partners–brother David Dahill and William Skov– developed Go Club’s web-based technology to help them run the American Outdoor Adventure Network, an organization that has 1,000 members throughout Texas and runs over 100 events every month.

The state-of the-art technology is designed so that leaders of an organization may streamline the time it takes to manage membership information, collect dues, and coordinate events. The technology provides quick and simple newsletter and member management tools, dues payment functionality, and the ability to post events and accept event registrations online. The site also boasts member profiles, event reminder emails, and its own messaging system so that members may contact each other. Through effective communication, the web technology builds group cohesiveness, generates enthusiasm, and increases membership participation. One user, Katie Pohl, likens the technology to a “virtual clubhouse–everything you need is there.”Most importantly, the technology is accessible to all organizations large and small. “We wanted even the smallest group to be able to use this,” says Dahill. With no knowledge of html and no web master, organizations can set up their site online themselves, or they can integrate the tools into an existing website. Set up fees range from $0 to $150, and a sliding monthly fee scale make it an affordable web solution. In fact, it is considerably less expensive than many current static content websites. Go Club is marketed toward student organizations, social and recreational clubs, scout troops, church groups, schools, and business associations, as well as other organizations.

For more information about Go Club, visit or call (512) 467-7421.

About Go Club Web Technology

Go Club ( licenses its web-based event and membership management technology to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. The technology was initially developed in 1991 by brothers Steve and David Dahill to administer the award-winning organization, Hill Country Outdoors ( in Austin, TX. Additional chapters in Houston and Dallas soon followed, becoming know collectively as the American Outdoor Adventure Network. In January 2003, the company launched Go Club to market this technology, making it available to the public.