Here’s Johnny! One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Revisited

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This is a story making the rounds and has been making the rounds since 1991 when I wrote every US Senator, US Governor, the top law school deans, many Representatives, many civil rights leaders, and various lawyers like Alan Dershowitz about it. I have also written many of those with backchannels into Hollywood. When I have written Hollywood studios directly, I usually get the line “We are sending you these materials unread as you need an agent to submit anything.” Or, “We have sent to this to our legal department and they have instructed us to return it.” Code for my story are 224 (my birthday), 225 (the day I learned that my then high school remedial English teacher’s daughter Michelle Mitchell was murdered on my birthday of 224 near the University of Nevada, Reno campus and which created my fascination with information available for different types of survivors), 612, 613 (my number in the UCSF Medical School study on stress on the unemployed which I took part in late 1992-1993 with interviewer Myra Young and in which I described my story of fighting for survivors’ rights and reactions of authorities and my unrequited crush on Mary Jane Weaver which was very well known by the U of MN Law School attendees from 1987 through 1989), gaslit (the term I used to describe what the U of MN Law Library did to me in many letters in 1995 and 1996 going to about 42 US State Attorney Generals about 20 of which were answered by US AG or their representatives), gaslight, Mary Jane Weaver (again a crush I had while in law school but just one of many since), Tampa Bay and survivors’ rights, etc.

I have told me story with these details many times through 200,000 well placed communications. I count one e-mail to 50 as 50 communications. MJ Weaver, Judith Tilsen, Phil Grove, Jennifer Verhein, etc., and my fellow law school alumni are not part of my efforts on survivors’ rights that I know of. The greatest acknowledgment of my work has come from Reed Reference Publishing which publishes Marquis Who’s Who. They had representatives at the law library conventions at which I made my voice for survivors’ rights heard if usually not listened to at all from 1991 through 2002.

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January 9, 2003

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This is about the genesis of the policy at the Library of Congress of attacking naysayer’s mental health to destroy their credibility as described in the July 6, 1996, CBS News Broadcast. My own experiences with this tactic date from February 1991 at the U of MN where my mental health was attacking first subtly then very overtly for fighting for better materials and attitudes towards survivors’ rights. This was a well thought our attack from February through September 1991. I was also blacklisted by the U of MN and its many contacts for complaining to everyone I could think of to condemn this approach to attacking critics. I complained to every US Senator, every Governor, many Representatives, top law school deans, etc., about these vicious abuse of power by the U of MN. Rather than anything happening, this approach was policy at the Library of Congress. The Law Librarian of Congress from about 1990 through 1995 or 1996 had just previously been the Law Library Director of the U of MN. When I made my critical remarks calmly delivered in writing about problems with survivors’ rights in February 1991 at the U of MN as an Assistant Librarian at the Law Library, there was no Law Library Director.

I have applied to about 600 jobs trying to break the blacklist on me in every type of library and in many states included at Villanova Law Library. Despite altering my cover letter, resume, references, etc., I have never broken that blacklist imposed by the U of MN for fighting for survivors’ rights. You will find my qualifications listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. I am also listed in several editions of Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Since June 28, 1991, I have fought for survivors’ rights by writing well over 200,000 communications to everyone I can think of who can change attitudes towards survivors of crimes and their access to valuable practical information. I have received about 95 various honors for this work but no employment of any kind in any library since June 28, 1991. This blacklist is because of the U of MN and its desire to cover up the fact that they made a mentally well off person look mentally ill. This blacklist has also put me under so much stress that their false picture of me being mentally ill will become true due to the very stress that they placed on me. To top that off, thirty people staged 15 skits over about 10 days here in Pinellas County from late March through early April of 2000 to make me think all my work on survivors’ rights had finally earned me public recognition. It had not. The last day before I was too scared to leave the house, six people made me believe my life was in danger. No one in my family believed me when I told them someone was messing with my head and I simply had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized and then put in a mental health facility for a week. I tried telling my story to mental health professionals here in Pinellas County but no one believed me. The more I insisted it was true, the more drugs they gave me. I stopped taking drugs in January 2002 altogether even though I had experimented with not taking any drugs to see what would happen. I was forced to live with my family to keep from being homeless from 1991 through now, so I followed some of their insistence to take drugs. My family never really believed me about what happened in those three parks nor did they see the danger of the attacks made by the U of MN on cognitive freedom.

I have told this story to tens of thousands including many in Hollywood. I count one e-mail to 50 people as 50 communications. I write many e-mail not because I am obsessed but because I want to break the blacklist on me and hopefully bring the people to justice who placed it on me. This blacklist did extremely serious damage to survivors’ rights law from 1991 through now because of the fact that when this blacklist was placed I was an insider in law librarianship having cataloged every computer file on WESTLAW from late 1988 through about March 1991. This was for a national project with the Research Libraries Group, West Publishing, and the U of MN.

I am a very level headed person with 4 degrees. I represented prisoners with Legal Assistance to Minnesota Prisoners from September 1987 through May 1989 and I never let any personal feelings interfere with my representation. I represented two youths who burned down a school library in MN. No greater test of someone who loves libraries exists as to professional objectivity.

I had no history of mental illness except for some depression before my nervous breakdown. My family though jumped to the conclusion that I was mentally ill because it was the least disturbing conclusion. I also have a few other relatives among a very large number of relatives who were or are mentally ill. My family is overall not sophisticated nor well-educated. I am the only member with legal training among about 100 people.

I hope this clarifies matters a bit.


Jon K. Hoppensteadt2890 Spring Oak CourtPalm Harbor, Florida34684-1662(727) 789-9015


Jon K. Hoppensteadt