Murphy: Eagles good, but not Super Bowl good

Liam Murphy

Now I don’t like tooting my own horn, but this week I’m going to. It was I, in the beginning of football season, who told you the Eagles were not going to win the Super Bowl this year. Many of you disagreed and believed that the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback would lead his team to a championship. But instead, it was he who threw that late and season-ending interception at the end of the NFC Championship Game this past Sunday.

Last week before the championship game, Philadelphia local media pretty much set the Eagles up for this loss. Birds fans’ only arguments for why Philadelphia was going to win was because it’s cold here, or because it was the last football game ever at the Vet.

Never, in any of the articles I read or local newscasts I watched, did they say Philadelphia was a better football team because they too knew that Tampa Bay was going to come up here and run all over the Eagles.

I was watching a pre-game show on NBC last week, when one of the hosts said that first, Keyshawn Johnson was not a good receiver, second, Warren Sapp was an overrated lineman, and third, the Bucs had no chance of winning this football game. I started laughing at the TV. I called my roommate in from the other room to come and watch and see what other ridiculous comments this host would make. Warren Sapp, an overrated lineman? Sapp is so good that the Bucs put him on the O-line and he blocked on one of their touchdowns. And Keyshawn is not a good receiver? On one touchdown drive which he scored, Keyshawn caught three passes for over 40 yards against what was supposed to be the best defense in the NFL.

Did Eagles fans really think that stealing the New York Jets chant of “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS” and changing it to “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES” would fool us? I don’t think they tricked anyone into believing it was an original. The fight song for the Eagles, was even played at a Villanova basketball game last week against Providence. I thought that the Pavilion would be the last place where innocent people would have to deal with the Eagles.

Another thing that bothered me last week before the game, was all this talk about the people who sit in the 700 Level at the Vet. Everyone was hyping how the fans up there are crazy and the best in the NFL. Does this really impact the game? Birds fans always talk about how if you don’t root for the Eagles in the 700 Level you should prepare to be yelled at, possibly spit on and maybe even punched in the face. Yada, yada, yada. Oh no, I’m shaking in my boots. I would love to watch a game up there while everyone is quiet, realizing that the Eagles are not going to San Diego.

I have another question. Why were the police and Vet officials nervous about fans trying to steal seats from the Vet? After all, it’s just the Vet. It’s not Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park. It’s not the old Boston Garden or Chicago Stadium. It’s the Vet, for Pete’s sake. No one wants a seat from there. Besides for the Army-Navy football game, nothing important in the sports world has happened there.

I’m glad that the Eagles are moving to a new stadium. Lincoln Financial is going to change the type of Eagles fans we see. Instead of the ignorant, weirdly obsessed fan, I hope to see more of a normal person, someone who can admit when their team is not good.

Current Eagles fans argue about their team just to argue or to hear their voice. Lincoln Financial will bring about the knowlegable football fan who knows when to argue and when to shut up!

I usually don’t like to watch teams lose, but I can’t help feeling good when the Eagles lose. I actually like watching the Eagles because they are a pretty decent football team who have had some exciting games this season.

Yet it is quite annoying when fans of a particular team are so oddly obsessed, an obsession that I will never understand nor care to. I like watching the wheels in someone’s head turn as they realize they were wrong. I like watching them come to grips with the fact that this team is not the best football team ever assembled, that there might be a hole in the secondary, or that Donovan is not going to be at his best every time he takes the field.

And what’s going on with the Sixers? That Van Horn trade isn’t all that it was cracked up to be. On Monday night they lost a 23-point lead to a Boston Celtic team, led by Paul “The Truth” Pierce and Antione Walker. Including the Celtics game, the Sixers had lost eight of their last 10 and are currently ranked seventh in the Eastern Conference.

The way they’re playing right now, I think it would be better if they started throwing games so they could have a better chance of getting LeBron James.