Holy Grounds Coming Soon to The Commons


Courtesy of Villanova University

The new Holy Grounds will be located on the ground floor of Friar Hall in The Commons.

Molly Mook, Staff Writer

Holy Grounds, the University’s signature coffee shop, is expanding and adding a new location to campus. It will be located on the ground floor of Friar Hall in The Commons at the corner of Lancaster and Ithan Avenues, which was the previous location for Parliament Coffee. Holy Grounds will be open every Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

“We were interested in opening a location where students living at The Commons could go to grab a quick snack before and after class,” said Jenna Rose, the University’s Nutrition Promotion Manager. 

Many students are already thrilled about the new Holy Grounds location. 

“I was so excited to hear that Holy Grounds is opening in The Commons,” senior Cara Nobile said. “With so many classes being online still, it’s especially nice to be able to quickly grab a coffee or food nearby. I can’t wait for it to officially open.” 

This is also a beneficial addition for freshmen who live on South Campus and usually have to travel to a location on Main Campus for a quick drink or bite to eat. 

“I think the Holy Grounds in The Commons will be very accessible for students,” Moira Horan said. “As a freshman living on South Campus, the location is very convenient. I’m appreciative that Holy Grounds allows students to use meal swipes and can be included in the dining plan, since this makes it easier to grab breakfast on the go or switch up my meals.” 

The menu at the new Holy Grounds will be similar to the menu at the other locations on campus. The Villanova Dining Services website describes Holy Grounds as a whole to have “delicious flavored coffees, espresso, cappuccino, lattes, cold beverages, cold brew iced coffee, specialty iced teas, biscotti, fairly traded snacks. . .” with “a wide assortment of freshly baked goods and chocolates.” In addition to these options, the new location “will also feature some new items that will only be available at Holy Grounds at The Commons,” Rose said. 

Senior Maddy Sullivan offers multiple perspectives on the opening of the new location.

“I don’t see the new Holy Grounds in The Commons affecting me too much just because I don’t have a meal plan, and I have a coffee maker and tea in my apartment,” she said. “I liked Parliament when it was there, but Holy Grounds is nice because it’s less expensive. I think The Commons Holy Grounds will be really convenient for freshmen walking between Main and South.”

Matt O’Donnell, a sophomore who lives in The Commons, has some similar ideas.

“I’m happy they decided to open the new Holy Grounds in The Commons,” he said. “It’ll be a lot more convenient for us who live in both The Commons and South Campus to grab coffee without having to go to Main Campus. I think a lot of people were deterred from going to Parliament because it didn’t take the meal plan, so this is definitely a good move.” 

This launch has been in the works since late last semester. The plan is to do a soft opening during the week of Feb. 15. 

“The location allowed us to combine the uniqueness of the atmosphere at The Commons with some of our classic Holy Grounds style,” Rose said. “We are very much looking forward to bringing Holy Grounds to The Commons and can’t wait to open to the Villanova community.”