the War in Iraq

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We, the undersigned scholars of theology and religious studies at Villanova University, condemn the war against Iraq. We do this for various reasons. Some of us believe that this, like all wars, goes against the teachings of Jesus. Some of us consider that the attack on Iraq does not satisfy the criteria of just war as established by Augustine. Some of us oppose this naked exercise of force because we consider that as a weakened military power under intense international surveillance, Iraq has not constituted a danger to its neighbors, let alone to the United States. Finally, some of us oppose this war because, in addition to the reasons already given, we regard it as a transparent attempt to intimidate the entire world community.

Gaile M. PohlhausGustavo BenavidesArthur Chappell, O.S.A.Walter ConnEdward Enright, O.S.A.Mark GrahamJudith HadleyTimothy HornerShams InatiThomas Martin, O.S.A.Suzanne TotonFayette VeverkaWilliam Werpehowski