Nestor and Tim

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I am proud to be writing on behalf of Nestor and Tim. What I want to see from a President of Villanova University, the place I have called home for the past three years is someone who will be the voice for the people. Someone who will show charisma for what he/she is working towards. We need a leader who is dedicated, goal-oriented, and shows a strong passion for the community. Villanova is a neighborhood, smorgasbord of people from all walks of life who want a leader to stand for them, and create opportunities for them. I strongly support Nestor and Tim for President and Vice President. I have had the opportunity to work with them over the last couple month’s more closely witnessing first hand the heart that goes into their goals, platform and desire to make Villanova better. They both have put countless hours into creating a housing plan to convenience people who wish to move off campus, they have devised a budget that will put us, the people in charge of the money allocated to the campus organizations, in addition to wanting to make our campus look more presentable, improving Radnor relations, Greek Life and boosting Nova Nation. With heart, dedication and a good work ethic Nestor and Tim are the men to get the job done. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect match. Vote for someone who will represent you, listen to you, and inspire the Villanova Community. Sincerely,Carli Pitchford, 2004