Letters to the Editor

Nestor and Tim thank supportersTo the editors:We are writing to extend our sincere thanks to the many people who contributed to our recent victory in the student government elections.  It was the support of these incredible individuals that inspired us to press on through the demanding campaign. Many people offered their support in kind words, enthusiastic endorsements and genuine interest in the advancement of SGA.  Our thanks are first directed towards the entire Villanova community whose active participation in this election drew the highest voter turnouts in both the initial election and the run-off.  Regardless of who you supported, we believe it is important that so many people cared enough to cast their ballot; without such enthusiasm, the student body would not have the sort of spirit we are eager to be the voice of.This election consisted of many competent and passionate tickets eager to represent and advance this community.  We would like to thank each candidate for their participation in this election, keeping it positive and friendly till the very end. We especially would like to thank the incumbent president Maureen Holland for her role in this election, her years of service to Villanova and her willingness to continue that service as we begin our transition into office.  There are many individuals in the administration and staff who helped us as we researched our platform and pursued our candidacy. They are people we are excited to continue working with in the coming year.  Also, our campaign staff provided much needed support and encouragement through the election process.  Under the leadership of our campaign manager Michael Stallings and adviser Bonnie Johnson, we had a great staff that made arduous tasks like hanging posters and developing our platform seem more enjoyable.

We requested to be your voice and you responded; we are eager to hear your ideas and concerns.  We look forward to representing the student body in the coming year and we are grateful for the incredible community here at Villanova.  Feel free to approach us throughout the year.  Nestor Fernandez and Tim McGovernSGA  President and Vice-President ElectPromote protestTo the editors:I am writing in response to Kelly Lobb’s column of April 11. I believe that Ms. Lobb’s article is desperately un-American.She wrote, “I thank their families as well.” As someone from a military family, I respond: “You are not welcome.” Does Ms. Lobb have close family in the armed forces? It is evident she does not understand what it’s like to live in fear of loved ones dying for foreigners who don’t even want us there in the first place.Secondly, how do our protests demoralize soldiers? That’s pretty weak psychology. We are practicing the American value of free speech. If we were silent that would demoralize our troops because that would mean that we were giving up a right that they are dying for, submitting to a dictator. We are not the policemen of the world, an immoral idea. Besides, our soldiers are here to protect American freedom. If you have the Savior of the World complex, I ask you about the holocaust in Rwanda. And in North Korea. The list goes on. If you prefer to save the world, my dear, go over to John Barry Hall to sign up, and bring my brother home.Tess ZangrilliClass of 2006