presidential election

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To the Editors,

I am writing to endorse SGA presidential and vice-presidential candidates Nestor Fernandez and Tim McGovern. The Villanova community deserves to know about these two individuals; we deserve leadership driven by the sort of spirit that has enveloped Nestor and Tim since they arrived as freshmen. I can speak with a great deal of confidence on this topic because I’ve known them and watched them develop over the years. Nestor and Tim came to Villanova with high ideals and high expectations of their college years and their university experience. The have contributed to the betterment of our community in countless ways and Nestor and Tim now ask the student body for the opportunity to give of themselves even more.

Nestor found his niche in Greek life and the Retreat program, among other things. I see him as a great leader and he has been that way since he stepped on this campus the summer before freshman year on the New Student Retreat. Nestor leads by following the convictions and passion that drives him and that draws people to him and motivates everyone around him. At the same time, Nestor is always looking to mentors and role-models who have inspired him. Oftentimes he speaks of these people and the things they have taught him: the faith and ethnic pride he developed from his family, the brotherhood and camaraderie he learned from his Delta Tau Delta brothers, the commitment to service, humility, and living a life of substance and meaning he strives for alongside his friends. I have no doubt that Nestor Fernandez is among the most genuine and passionate people here at Villanova. He is driven by the love he found in this community and I have witnessed first hand that his intentions are rooted in that spirit. I could go on forever about the depth of Nestor’s character because I am often awestruck by the sort of man he has developed into over the past years; I am especially grateful for the honor of calling him a friend.

Tim’s service to Villanova has been a substantial one through his work with VEMS, but I have seen it extend well beyond that. While this entails a considerable time commitment, I have found Tim applying the experience he gained as an EMT to his everyday life and working with people in crucial situations such as medical emergencies gives him a great deal of patience and persistence in all he does. Beyond that I have appreciated his contributions to the intellectual life here at Villanova, we often discuss politics and current events. Tim is well-read and up to date and I am grateful for his open-mindedness when we see things from different angles. I feel that this is an important aspect of a community of scholars as we at Villanova strive to be. His contributions to the spirit of our campus is growing constantly as he delves deeper into spiritual life and he has come to embrace the sense of community the university stands for. Tim is a leader with the patience and compassion to work alongside people, never afraid to dive head first into any task, big or small. He has a sense of humor that enables him to face adversity and his affirming belief in people is reassuring.

This is perhaps the easiest endorsement I have ever written because I believe so firmly in these two individuals and I share their vision for this community. I have seen them research each initiative on their platform, contacting faculty and administration, working numbers, making sure every promise they make today will be the reality of tomorrow. The only catch is that we as a student body have to allow them to begin. Vote for Nestor Fernandez and Tim McGovern in the SGA election. Vote for positive change, love of community, and the spirit of Villanova.Bonnie Johnson BA ’01, MA ’04Graduate Assistant Theology Dept.