Editorial: The sunset of the college years

Monday was the weirdest day ever.

Driving to campus Monday morning (a weird activity in itself), I was hit with the sudden realization that I had successfully forced far into the dim recesses of my mind all summer: I am a senior. Senior? That word was not a part of my vocabulary until Monday (unless you’re talking about senior citizens), and I’m still trying to boycott the word and its looming implications.

Three years and one week ago, every face at Villanova was unrecognizable to me. I sat (against my will,) in my Orientation group doing the bugaloo, itching to get back into my parents’ car and rewind time back to the “glory days” of high school. I, like many freshmen, had that sinking feeling that life would never be the same when my family left me after the parents’ Mass that Thursday.

And I was right: it wasn’t the same. But it was different for the better. Over the past three years, I have had many of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have met countless wonderful people who will leave an impression on my life forever. I’ve gone on service trips, done intramurals, participated in Campus Ministry and worked on The Villanovan, to name a few memorable milestones.

This past Monday, though, as I walked onto campus for the first time in four months, I experienced a different sinking feeling: this is my last First Day of School. Sure, I may go to graduate school sometime, but it will never be the same. This is it, seniors.

On that weird Monday five days ago, even campus seemed a little weirder. I crossed the street from Pike Lot and the annoying chirping at the crosswalk seemed louder, like it was warning me about my senior-dom. As I passed the Quad, whose mildew-filled showers I used countless times, I almost felt like I lived there in a past life. Even things at the mecca of Villanova, Bartley Hall, seemed a little askew. Everything just seemed larger than life. It’s hard to describe this feeling that bombarded me all day Monday, but it’s happening because I have realized a couple of things. I’ve been blessed with the most amazing experience, but time is running out. This is it, seniors.

As an editorial board comprised mainly of seniors, we want to send a message to not just seniors, but the entire student population at Villanova. It is vitally important to your health (well, sort of) to savor every moment of this experience to its fullest extent. Go out, spend all your money doing exciting things with the best friends of your life, try new things and enjoy yourself. Because this is it, seniors. Live it up.