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I’m the co-author of a current affairs book entitled Prescription Pot (New Horizon Press, 2003). It chronicles the true life of George McMahon, one of five U.S. citizens who can legally smoke marijuana in every state. A recipient of the National Certificate of Heroism, George receives 300 pre-rolled joints each month through a little-known FDA program, to treat pain, spasms, and nausea. Prescription Pot examines the medical marijuana issue through a unique account of George’s courageous struggle with death, his victorious battle with daunting federal bureaucrats, his hilarious and harrowing escapades with police officers, and his journeys in search of America. George’s story is encompassed within a wild trip across four states to the Arkansas State Capitol, Elvis Presley’s Graceland, and Uncle Sam’s marijuana farm at Ole Miss. The book includes the landmark clinical study on the federal marijuana patients.

Although the U.S. Government has been quietly distributing marijuana for over 20 years, federal authorities are targeting state-authorized marijuana clinics, seizing plants and patient records, and prosecuting patients and growers in ten states that have legalized medical marijuana. Now the Bush administration seeks U.S. Supreme Court authorization to revoke licenses of doctors recommending cannabis to patients. The court may decide to hear the case as early as October. If the court rules in favor of the federal government, Pennsylvania doctors will essentially have a “gag order” imposed on them, even while medical marijuana is grown by the feds.

Would you consider reviewing Prescription Pot? New Horizon Press will gladly send a complimentary copy.

If you would prefer a feature article, George is available for interviews.

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Christopher Largen524 S. Carroll #121Denton, TX 76201(940) 382-9210Prescription Pot: A Leading Advocate’s Heroic Battle to Legalize Medical Marijuanaby George McMahon and Christopher LargenNew Horizon Press 224 PagesISBN: 0-88282-240-3 (hc)

“Provocative, insightful…deeply self-revealing…should be required reading for every doctor and politician in the country.” – Alternatives Magazine

“Informative and sensitively written…illustrates human suffering candidly, with no jargon or preaching to wade through…compelling.” – Venues Entertainment Magazine

“Prescription Pot is a kick in the trance, a wakeup call for America.” – Dr. John Beresford, author of The Tallahassee Project

“Told with appealing humor and honesty…Read it and you might not think of marijuana in the way you do now.” –