Apartment “fire drill”

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Dear Villanovan,

My name is Ryan McCahill, I am a junior business major and reside in Grand Rapids, MI. Whatever forces have led me to head east and choose Villanova at my alma matter have since tonight come under some serious scruntiny. Residing in my west apartment, I was interrupted after dinner to the the high pitch squeal of the campus fire alarm. Without thinking twice, I left my room and did what I felt would be typical of a real life fire situation. Upon entering my room after the drill had concluded, I found an interesting pink slip upon the counter of my kitchen. This note dictates to me, a serious invasion of privacy and a ridiculous attempt at Villanova University to control our lives and keep us from enjoying the freedoms of any typical college kid. To note, this things on this list they roommoved from our room without any previous or priar notification are: 2 empty beer bottles, 4 bottles of wine, a candle, a fish, and 3 empty champange bottles. If you can not tell by my tone, im a little angry! I am 21 years old, am a good student and responsible citizen, and have done nothing to prevoke this random search and seizure of my apartment. Can this be fair? The wine bottles were all gifts for my bday, I dont drink wine except with the occasional dinner, they were all expenisive and of “high class” caliber, and were sealed for what could be the majority of the year. Also, the two “empty” beer bottles that they took were collectors items that my roommate has had since he was 11 because the brand name was the same as his last name. The taking of the candle that we only recently used during the power outage is something that I can understand, but the fish could be the final straw. A fish is of no harm to anyone, and as far as the policy for pets go on campus… give me a break! Overall I am just wondering why I am here. Is this college or Nazi, Germany? I expect to go to a high class instution where I could not only gain knowledge but also gain some fun expirences in life. Instead I have seen each year pass by with the strife of myself and people around me getting in trouble and fined (as if the tuition isnt enough already) for act that are accepted at almost any other school in the nation. I understand we are a catholic school, but COMEON!!!! I feel like I am prision and I am hoping you can voice my opinion. If you need help writing an article count me in, otherwise please do your best to save myself and others from the instituitions goal of making Villa”nofun” reign true. Last note, what happens in the event of a real fire? As people scurry around their apartment to hide their stuff, someone is going to be missing out on their last chance to get out alive. Something has got to be done, this cant continue, please help…

Ryan McCahill