Weight Watchers

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Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m just looking for more reasons to call Villanova out on things. I can understand the lack of Arts, I can understand the over priced food, and I can barely understand Public Safety’s mentality. But when I get an e-mail about Weight Watchers, that includes this pharse: “If you are more than 10 pounds above your optimal weight, you need Weight Watchers at Work,” I begin to wonder about our values here at Villanova. I find no problem with Weight Watchers coming here, it is a very good program, but to use the word “need” in relation to more than 10 pounds is quite indecent. Who are you Mary Quilter (the e-mail addressed attached to the letter) to tell anyone that they “need” Weight Watchers? Better part is, how does Villanova allow such an e-mail to be sent. Did you proof read this Catherine Lovecchio? Do you really think it was appropriate for all those people who are more than 10 pounds over weight to feel that they need to spend $93.00? Oh that’s right, everything comes down to money here at Nova, I forgot. Well the next time you try to make a buck, consider the feelings of the actual student body (happily over weight and all.) And stop serving such unhealthy food!