Villanovan gone backwards

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As a very proud Villanovan I am appalled and disgusted at what the Villanovan has become. The Villanovan should represent the good that the Villanova community does not slander the reputation that we have built. As a student I care about things that affect the students. I appreciate things that promote what the campus does. NOT THE DEATHS OF PROFESSORS CHILDREN. That is something that their family should deal with. The students DO NOT want to hear about the death and tragedies that happen to our Villanova family. If my mother died would you print that? I used to like the Villanovan. Now I can’t believe how low you stoop to get a “good story.” Who made you guys God?

Three of the last four Headlines have been tragedies. What happened to good values? I will not let this slide. The Villanovan has become something I am no longer proud of.