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I have recently published a book on how to learn conversational spanish. It is directed towards college students, and I am issuing press releases for the book in the publicity effort. The press release is enclosed below. In addition, I have several photos, however, I do not know what your policy is with regards to photos. Please advise, and please let me know what the status is regarding the press release.

In addition, I have additional press clippings if you’d like to see them. This one is from San Diego:

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Contact: David E.X.N. Nghiem, 856-667-3829


Taking a college or high school Spanish course? New e-book helps Spanish learners become conversational in Spanish

Cherry Hill, NJ, September 2, 2003 – People taking Spanish courses in college know that even after years of courses, it is still difficult to hold a normal conversation with a native speaker. The Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups, and demographic headlines like “Mexifornia” are in the news. Consequently, the ability to speak conversational Spanish is growing in importance. Now, a new e-book, “How to get Fluent in Spanish in 28 Days or Less”, is designed to help new and experienced Spanish language learners acquire conversational fluency.

“He speaks better than my children!” said Angela, David’s Dominican neighbors. “I grew up in a bilingual household, speaking both Vietnamese and English. So, I developed a strong intuition of how to learn a second language fluently.” said Cherry Hill, NJ-based author David E.X.N. Nghiem. “When I started learning Spanish, I simply applied the lessons of my childhood to pick it up.”

To explain why he had “28 Days or Less” in his title, David said, “I learned because of necessity. In 2001, I left for South America for a long bicycle journey… alone. I never took a Spanish course before. When I got there, I quickly discovered that it was difficult to move through the continent without Spanish fluency. So, I became conversational in 28 days. I had too!”

David’s book applies a strategic immersion approach to Spanish. Immersion is where students live and interact in Spanish speaking communities. “This is not a grammar book. It is a guide to using the grammar that you learn, practically and efficiently. It will help you get started in speaking conversational Spanish with a native, using practical methods.” David said. “You can use this to study abroad or within any local Hispanic community.”

The book is available at It is $9.95 and downloadable. A print edition is forthcoming in late September – October 2003 from For more information, you can contact David at 856-667-3829; 804 Kingston Dr. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034; [email protected].