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I am attaching an article about a speaker who will be visiting campus next week. Please read the following for inclusion in this week’s edition. Contact me at 9-5534 with any questions. For a picture of Michael Fowlin, please go to Thank you!

“You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me”

Greek Life and the Center for Health & Wellness Education are proud to present: Dr. Michael Fowlin…actor, poet, Rutgers doctoral candidate in psychology, one-man show that deals with the issues of race, discrimination, violence prevention, personal identity, suicide, gender equity, homophobia, and the emotional pain felt by special education children. In a gripping, fast-paced 75-minute performance, Michael slips in and out of nine characters, both male and female, who share their stories and their struggles.

Not your ordinary diversity program, “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me” gives voice to a very difficult and complex topic. Speaking from the voices of many across our country, Dr. Fowlin breathes life into the challenges faced by all kinds, creeds, and walks of life by becoming a nine-year old African American boy facing discrimination for the first time, by becoming a gay football player, by becoming a Mexican teacher and six other characters that represent American society today. He dances with diversity in a way that is fresh & is guaranteed to turn our gaze inward.

You don’t want to miss this performance of a lifetime! Please join us on Wednesday, October 1st at 7:30pm in the Villanova Room for what promises to be a powerful experience!