Birth Control Controversy

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I am writing to express my complete and utter bewilderment of the article about the controversy surrounding the literature placed on the bulletin board in the residence hall. As someone who was born and raised Catholic, it was news to me to learn that the birth control pill “KILLS BABIES” considering what it actually does is prevent one from being formed in the first place. Does the church know something the rest of us don’t? Is the church now saying that when there is a possibility of conceiving a baby and it doesn’t actually happen that is murder? I guess all women who have sex are murders, huh? Or, is it only not murder when the “Rhythm Method” is used to avoid conceiving a baby because the church says that is OK? Hooray, we all will be saved as long as we check our vaginal secretions and take our temperature every morning!

The hypocrisy of the Church is relentless. I can only say that maybe people will begin to choose to not come to this conservative school or others like it not because of the schools religious views but because they are promoting false claims as truths. Not too mention the school expects respect but doesn’t feel the need to give it to a student who is paying $30,000 a year to come here.

If you’re against birth control because you want to promote the sanctity of life and not promote sex outside of a committed, blessed marriage, that is one thing, but to use scare tactics that make blatantly false claims, that is a something completely different.