Solution to ‘Nova’s woes

Matt Siblo

After the rock and roll fiasco that was Ted Leo and the Pharmacists performance on Halloween, I noticed a strange occurrence on the Villanova campus. Everyone seemed a little morose, a little downtrodden. It seemed to me that the whole campus was upset. As I was walking to class one day, watching everyone shuffle through their daily activities, it had finally struck me. The campus was suffering from punk rock dance party withdrawal! What could be done? Lord knows Jason Mraz can’t fix any of these problems. Well fear not, ladies and gents, because there is some salvation on the way. The Q and not U dance party is coming to your town.

Simply put, Q and not U are one of the most important punk bands playing right now. The band started in 1998 and recorded their debut album “No Kill No Beep Beep” a few years later. The record placed the band among the new rising talents of their hometown, Washington D.C. In 2002, the band recorded a new single and a new record (“On Play Patterns” and “Different Damage,” respectively) which saw them shrink down to a three-piece band but sounding tighter then ever. Q’s groove heavy jams and political undertones have made them one of the biggest punk bands today. Friday’s show finds them hot on the heels of a brand new phenomenal single entitled “X-Polination.”

Opening the show is An Albatross from Philadelphia. The bands sound is often compared to “Devo in a blender,” and I, for one, find that to be pleasantly accurate. Picture the perfect mix of lasers, yelling, handclaps and Viking references and you then might find yourself somewhere in the ballpark. Tuohy is opening the show and, although I’ve never heard them, they come handpicked from Q and not U, so I have complete faith in their talent. So once again, here are all the facts (and you’d better be voting yes): The show is today at 9 p.m. in the Connelly Center. It is free for everyone. There will also be a table from the WOAR, the Woman’s Organization Against Rape on hand taking donations and to hand out information regarding what they do and how you can help.