Love is in the air

Sue Winge

He is history’s greatest cad and man about town, and his name is synonymous with seducing the world over. Villanova Theatre enters the romanticism when it presents “Don Juan” by MolièreNov. 11-23. Barrymore Award-winning director James J. Christy transports Don Juan, Moliere’s 17th-century comedy, to the 1950s with an eclectic production inspired by such sources as Federico Fellini’s ground-breaking film “8 1/2” and its current Broadway incarnation, “Nine;” the grace, eroticism and mystery of the tango; and the acrobatic physicality of Commedia dell’Arte.

Don Juan, a suave aristocrat travels the countryside stealing hearts and breaking marriage vows. Accompanied by his loyal but dimwitted valet Sganarelle, Don Juan seduces and deserts women, ridicules his rivals and mocks the heavens until his self-centered behavior invokes God’s wrath.