Residence Life

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Just thought I’d let you know of the amazing events the Office of Residential Life has been doing:

This semester the office of Residence Life has put on some phenominal trips, programs and community service activities. In November the Office of Residence Life (RA’s) along with Campus Ministries helped to provide over 100 Thanksgiving Baskets to needy families in Center City Philadelphia. Stanford Hall and St. Monica collected over 15 baskets themselves! In early November the Residence Life Office organized a trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The 35 Villanova students were not the only one’s that joined the Museum on this day, November 1st was also tribute day. Tribute day is a day the Museum invites all of the living Holocaust survivors to the Museum and provides them with a special luncheon and honor. So, while the Villanova students were walking through the museum they were able to have real life interactions with people who were there and heard the stories and saw the tears. “The experience was amazing, something that you cannot capture in a movie or a book”, one RA said. The trip will run again next November as well. The December projects run out of the office included helping the Toys for Tots program and helping all of the Holiday events on campus be well attended. Lisa Corbin-Kalinowski, the Residential Learning Coordinator for Residence Life has also worked with a local orphanage to make the Christmas wishes of 26 young teenagers come true. The Inn Dwelling of Philadelphia gave the Office of Residential Life a list of 26 of thier residents and thier Christmas wishes. Each teenager’s name was picked up and they each had two of thier wishes come true. The Office of Residential Life and the Health and Wellness Center have teamed up to bring Alumni, Sheehan and Good Counsel Stress Free Zones where there is a ton of free “stuff”, movies, snacks, accupressure and fun activities! Stop by for a free stress relief: Sunday Dec. 14 from 4-7pm in Alumni, Monday Dec. 15th 6-8pm in Sheehan and Tuesday Dec. 16th 6-8pm in Good Counsel. The last project the Office of Residential Life had to offer for the RA’s to take a part in was to create arts & crafts for a nursing home in the area. On Saturday December 13th over 50 ornaments, cards and little crafts will be delivered to a nearby nursing home. These items were created by RA’s and thier residents during a study break one evening. We hope to spread cheer and warm wishes to those who might not otherwise recieve a gift for the holidays. These are just a few of the ways the Office of Residential Life is working to make a difference in the lives of our students and the world around them.