Post-tailgate/game Disgust

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On the morning of Monday, November 24, 2003, I was ashamed to be a Villanovan.

On that morning, I entered the Main Lot to find countless piles of trash–beer cans, pizza boxes, plates, food, condoms–scattered about, obviously remnants of the Saturday Villanova-Delaware game.

As I made my way out of the lot, my shame was only increased, as I encountered a prospective student and her parents. “Is this what it usually looks like?” she inquired.

How we can have so much school spirit on the basketball court and take so much pride on the football field, and yet neglect the very appearance of our campus astonishes me.

We all know that the scene described is not the true Villanova. Not only for prospective students, visitors and guests, but also for ourselves, the faculty and staff of this University, let’s show a little concern as to how Villanova looks.