Wow. Just wow.

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I recently stumbled upon your article on the upcoming SJU vs. VU men’s basketball game published today (January 30) in the sports section of the Villanovan. I must warn you that I am a Saint Joseph’s student and fan, but that has nothing to do with my comments on the article. After all, for once, your staff has given the Hawks their due.

As a fellow collegiate student, and an English major to boot, I was appalled by lack of attention to detail on your staff’s part. As I read Matthew Clark’s article, I found that it was rife with grammatical and spelling mistakes. The writing was so laced with poor editing, in fact, that I could barely finish it. Your staff should be embarrassed for printing such a poorly written article.

And I thought “The Hawk” was bad.

The article has proven everything negative that I have ever heard about the Main Line school.

For shame, ‘Novan, for shame.