Feeling insecure? VonDutch can help

Kevin R. Clark

I can’t help but notice the influx of Von Dutch caps upon my return stateside from being abroad first semester. Where did they come from? Might this legend be a cousin or friend of college icon Van Wilder? It turns out that Von Dutch is only a brand. They pay for cool looking advertisements and also pay the editors of sweet style magazines to tell their readers that the clothes are cool. Can we all agree that there is nothing the Villanova campus needs more than something we know is cool? People talk about lacking diversity here, but I know that is false. I have seen Von Dutch hats in all different colors, cloths and textures. Whether strolling to class or out partying on the weekend, nothing catches my eye like a Von Dutch cap that no one else is wearing within a visible radius. I especially dig when girls wear them slightly to the side just like in the commercial. It makes me feel like I am in a commercial, and that is my fantasy. I am currently in the market for a Von Dutch cap, but I need to find one that no one else has here at Villanova. Then I can fill the niche that my Von Dutch-less hat group of friends needs. I see now that with Von Dutch I can truly be myself, the individual. It is my brand no doubt, and I confirm this because on their website they spell culture with a “K” so it is “kulture.” I break rules, too, confirming that Von Dutch and I are a match made in a third world country.