response to Missy Squarcia

[email protected]

Dear Missy,Thank you for your insightful article into the behaviour of Villanova Students on Monday evening. I am an SJU fan and parent of one SJU grad and one SJU student, who, along with my 14 year old were at the game with me. As we approached the Pavillion, my youngest son was heckeld and called offensive names simply because he was wearing an SJU sweatshirt. He is 14 but small for his age, so I am sure the Nova students did not mistake him for a college student. The atmosphere in the Pavillion was great until those roll outs and chants began. I was embarrased to be there with my children. Our SJU students are no angels, and at times I have criticized their behavior against opposing teams, however Monday evening, I felt that a line was crossed. I applaud you for taking a stand – often times the students just accept this as normal behavior. Your level of maturity is to be admired. Best of luck to you, I am sure your future will be filled with good things. Sincerely,Mrs. Patty Martin