Dr Horner’s opinion

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Does Dr. Horner really honestly believe that Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction? They only tried to develop them or buy them for the past twenty years. This fact is indisputable. Even former President Clinton agreed with this. If they did not have WMD why didn’t Saddam let the UN inspectors in? If he did not have weapons then he would still be in power today, his sons would be alive and millions of people would still be under his tyrannical control. The people going on about saying we did not find weapons have an agenda. Their agenda is bashing a President that is making the world a safer place not only for Americans but for everyone. The war on terror will be a long and hard fight. This is only the beginning to making this world a safe place for freedom and democracy. The only thing these terror mavens respect is force. Look at what Libya did as soon as we won the fight in Iraq. They started destroying their weapons. You think this had to do with negotiations, big words, and rhetoric? I know I for one do not want another attack on US soil or abroad. Taking out governments that support terror will only make the world safe for us and future generations of people everywhere.