Paws for Wellness

Kira Yanko

One in four women in college is sexually assaulted. Look around you. Surely you know four women: your roommate, your best friend, your girlfriend, your sister.

However, sexual assault does not happen only to women. Over the course of a lifetime, one in seven men are assaulted. Unfortunately, these figures are probably lower than the actual instances of assault. Due to underreporting caused by the shame, embarrassment and guilt that accompany this type of crime, many victims are reluctant to seek legal action.

With such staggering statistics, it is hard to deny the existence of a problem. Sexual assault is an issue, in America and on all college campuses, even Villanova.

Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.), a group of Villanova students from the Center for Health and Wellness Education dedicated to educating others about the truth about sexual assault, will be hosting Sexual Assault Awareness Week February 9 through the 13.

As it falls the week before Valentine’s Day, the week will encompass a variety of topics from its main issue of sexual assault, to promoting healthy relationships. Throughout the week there will be a number of activities designed to educate the student body about sexual assault and related issues around campus:

Monday, Feb 9: Clothesline Project, 10a.m. – 2p.m., Connelly Center. In continuation of last year’s project, please stop by to decorate a T-shirt in remembrance of or in hope for anyone affected by sexual assault. Sex Signals, 7:30p.m., Villanova Room (co-sponsored with Greek Life) – Join us as a hilarious improv theater group presents a program that has been hitting college campuses all over the area, spreading laughs and information about dating and relationships and how misunderstandings and stereotyping can lead to dangerous situations.

Tuesday, Feb. 10: Clothesline Project, 5p.m. – 7p.m., West Campus.

Wednesday, Feb. 11: Clothesline Project, 5p.m. -7p.m., South Campus.

Empty Place at the Table, 5p.m. -7p.m., SPIT. Place settings will be positioned at various tables throughout the dining hall with true stories of victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Thursday, Feb. 12:

Clothesline Project, 10a.m. – 2p.m., Connelly Center. Candlelight Vigil, 7p.m., Corr Chapel. Celebrate and remember the lives of all who have been affected by sexual assault. Love Actually, 10p.m., Villanova Cinema (co-sponsored with CAT)

All week, Feb. 9-13: 10a.m. -2p.m., Connelly Center Information table.

Stop by to pick up information about healthy relationships and sexual assault, as well as free giveaways and purple ribbons to show your support for raising awareness of sexual assault on Villanova’s campus.

The aim of Sexual Assault Awareness Week is to educate everyone at Villanova about the facts of sexual assault as well as the promotion of healthy relationships and communication between the sexes. Sexual assault is a serious issue that needs attention and education is the first step to preventing it.