Style File:These bags are ‘jellin’

Kim Daileader

Now the next topic I am not so keen about. These jelly purses, which are apparently “all the rage” in Italy, have started to invade our stores. Two of the top designers of these articles are Jelly Kelly Purses and Besso Jelly Bags and neither of them can seem to pull off the look. I love the designs, from far away they look quite charming but then you get up close and all you can focus on is the material. They remind me of those jelly shoes every little girl growing up in the eighties wore; remember the ones that came in every color? Yeah, that is a fashion trend that I would like to block out of my memory. Honestly, I just don’t understand these purses. What is the point? Should you carry a plastic, excuse me ‘jelly,’ purse around in case it rains? Are the people buying them planning on going to a water park anytime soon? Are nylon, leather and canvas just not good enogh anymore? This fashion trend is far beyond me, but then again, I am no fashion guru.