Where did the money go?

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I am an alumna from the class of 1984. Last night while attending a meeting, I had the occasion to use the ladies room on main floor of Dougherty Hall. The place is filthy and has heinous odors emanating from it…and that’s the nicest thing I could say about it. The locks don’t work on the stall doors, the cover which should hold the toilet paper in place was missing, the toilet itself looks like it hasn’t seen a scrub brush since women were first admitted to the University in the 70’s, the floor was totally grungy, the garbage pail was overflowing and there was no hook to hang my coat or handbag. You can be sure I wasn’t putting it on the floor! And this was 4 days after the entire University had been vacant for spring break, not a Sunday evening after a home football game or the last night of sorority recruitment events. For a building like Dougherty with the volume of human traffic that flows through it, one ladies room can’t possibly handle the volume without more frequent attention paid to it from a cleanliness perspective. I am going to ask the University Office of Development office to forward my Class of 1984 reunion donation to the facilities management department and earmark it for cleaning this bathroom…they obviously need my money more!

LuAnn RieglBS Accountancy, 1984MBA, 1993