Villanova Pep Band and Hilton Magic

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Dear Villanova Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni,

Last night in Ames, IA, “Hilton Magic” appeared in the form of the Villanova Pep Band. For those who do not know, “Hilton Magic” is a term used to describe how Iowa State teams have won at home in nearly impossible situations. For example, we have been down by 13 with less than 1 ½ minutes to play and won in OT or by beating the number one team in the country.

Villanova Wildcats were playing the Purdue Boilermakers in the second round of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Many of the Iowa State University fans in attendance were there with mixed feelings. These fans wanted show support for the two teams that travel to Ames to play basketball but needed a way to support the Iowa State men who were competing against Florida State (on TV) at the same time in the NIT Tournament.

Your pep band provided that opportunity by playing and singing our school fight song several times during the game. While the motivation might have been to garner support for your team (which it did), I feel that this act created a magic of its own for those of us who were hoping for a win by our men who have won only once this season on the road. We beat Florida State 62-59 and will play the next NIT round back home. You helped make the moment of that victory magical. Thank-you!

My only regret is that “Hilton Magic” did not carry over to your women’s team. By the way, Villanova has been added to my list of favorite college teams and the pep band may return to Hilton to play any time.

Kathy A. ParsonsAssociate ProfessorIowa State University Library