In Reponse to a Conservative

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After subjecting myself to Thomas Emerson’s letter to the editor, I find it necessary to respond.

True, some faculty members are more progressive than most of the upper-class, Italian Catholics that are used to at Villanova, but I say, listen! In fact, I would be in heaven if the bias were as pervasive as you suggest. Compared to other Universities, our staff and certainly our student body, are fairly conservative, with a few departmental exceptions.

As far graduation speakers, Brian Jennings is an idiot. Past speakers’ notiriety is derived from that they worked for someone who was important. The graduate speakers are pathetic more so than they are bias. My suggestion is that seniors themselves should suggestion and ratify their own graduation speaker, which should alleviate both concerns.

As far George: In 2000, George Bush performed a coup of both the judicial and executive branch (as opposed to being elected), while turning what at one point was a reputable body, the congress, into his own personal, giant rubber stamp.

I am glad that Mr. Emerson will exercise the franchise this election, because if we continue on this path, it may be the last time he is able to. Might I suggest thinking about a few things, however, before you decide to vote for GW:

First, he is not a conservative. True conservatives have long since gone the way of the buffalo since neo-cons usurped the Republican Party. Religious fundamentalists, imperialists, and ludicrously wealthy free-market corporate suits have combined forces to put a good face on fascism within the Republican Party.

Certainly, if George Bush cared about democracy he would expeditiously turn power over to Iraqis and foster democratic elections. The consequence of that is a state akin to Iran; in essence, George Bush went to war with one member of the ‘axis of evil’ just to replace it with a carbon copy with its neighbor, also a member of the black list. Of course, this is if we allow self-determination.

Not to mention the war in Iraq was the breaking point for anti-Americanism hurting the coordination and dialogue necessary between the United States and others necessary to combat terrorists who know no geopolitical boundaries.

Moreover, Bush’s tax cuts are an economic failure. It seems the 3 million people that Bush’s economic plan has put out of work could survive on those rebates checks for about a week. Maybe hardworking, average people could convince Bill Gates to share the tens of thousands he received from George. A good economy, as indicators suggest, is only so if it benefits everyone not just by making the rich richer and poor getting shut out.

And finally, I must give the George and the neo-cons credit for improving the state of religion. I pray everyday that George is voted out of office to return some sanity to American domestic and foreign policy. Vote Kerry in 2004!