Style File: March 12

Matt Siblo

The metrosexual craze is sweeping the nation, so join in. Don’t worry about being labeled as one, it’s just an easy way for jealous guys who can’t find any luck with the ladies to make up names for swingers. It’s alright.

Tight Diesel jeans aren’t gay, they’re the only way. If they were good enough for Jimi Hendrix, they’re good enough for you. Cut slimmer than most, they can be bellbottomed or tapered, and they’ll cost you a few bucks more than your usual, but not too much more.

Most stores at malls have some pretty good digs; just find a pair for yourself and get your cell phone ready because you’ll be getting a few numbers. Prices for a good pair will run you anywhere from $75 to $175, depending on how much you still mooch off of your dad.

Blazers are back in a big way and cooler than ever. Available at vintage shops and upscale boutiques, new materials and fits let you find one to wear to class, work, then the bar, continuing the cycle for days without changing. It’s been done, and it works. Live like the rock star you think you are with some cool new threads. Around here, girls notice these kinds of things.