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Dear Editor, of the former Christian Continent of NorthAmerica

Herein, lies one glimpse of the Truth of Jesus Christ that can easily besought and understood by all, who do not see themselves, or their gods ofchoice, as greater than our Lord and Saviour. The Divine beauty and justiceof Truth is that it has never been hidden though rarely visited, seen orheard.

There is nothing in the Gospel’s of Christ that would support any modernNorth American social or societal group. There are easy identifiable traitswhich immediately rule out any support claimed by such parties to be on theside of Truth.Truth is not hysterical or ranting. It is not ugly, boastful, deceitful orwithout comfort. Truth may indeed necessitate limited violence in defence ofphysical threat, of innocent life but never for ideology or societal socialupheaval, political expediency or material gain.Truth is not bounded by any nationalist borders or the prosperity within orthereof. As Mother Teresa has stated, some prosperous nations on the wholewallow in spiritual poverty, the real indicator of a great nation. Thatsaid, the great spiritual battle within the secular world has only onebattlefield left, that being within the United States as other prosperousnations lie to the roadside in total abdication to the world.

That which is justified in killing for is only what is worth dying for,’There is no greater love than to lay your life down for another’… thedefence of your family, your brother…your neighbour.

Peace… there can be no peace in the world because it is the world. Nopeace… as long as children of God anywhere, cannot sleep so with a fullbelly and the innocense and virtue intended by God in their hearts and theirminds.

There can be no cure from man for those who would intend any harm tochildren, ‘It would be better that a millstone should be hung from theirnecks and that they be thrown into middle of the sea’. That they may be ableto cure themselves through Christ would matter not as they have alreadyburnt any vines of trust they were afforded by in fact utilizing trust fortheir evil. Though the Father may indeed thrust them into the fiery lake,for us, it would be enough that they be thrust together away from all God`schildren.

The free nations of the world elect leaders they deserve because they electleaders for which they ask … of the world. The world hosts, boasts, anddelights in perversity in all manner of all manner. Not surprising then,this world increasingly settles for chaos, crime, despair, anger, enamouredwith politics and nation destructing immorality.These leaders espouse no Truth, only emotion igniting slogans because Truthas with the world is their worst enemy.

The leaders these nations ask for listen and bow to the loudest of theScribes and Pharisees close with the world, and listen not to the poor, orto families, closest with God. These cohorts attack our youth becausetherein lies the future and the constant fear of the world. The world has nomeans for comfort, love, peace, life or salvation, only death and despair.In Truth God resides in every breath of life, all the more in our pain anddespair. The world lays claim to the dead and gleefully obliges those whoembrace it. All carcasses are claimed by the earth, but life is the choicewe have and it was not given by Satan.`The Truth shall set us free` and it is the only entity in life or deaththat is important and truly free.

In Truth that the anger one would blindly utilize in defence of ones ownpride or false gods could be mirrored in holy determination in defence ofthe Father`s house, there would be no other.

That either socialists of the world or capitalists for themselves could everclaim righteousness at the Right Hand of the Father, would be forever falseand blasphemous.Equally so, as `labour` would claim the interest of the `worker` or theimpoverished and downtrodden. Indeed, how would they claim concern for less,when they have no real concern, vision, or ears for each other or theirbrother.Equally so, that the capitalist true to its definition would claim theinterest of the worker, the society, or of the nation.

In Truth, why would the dog bite the benevolent master`s hand that feeds itand why would the master abuse or deny his loyal worker his portion of food,rest and medicine. Why would either opt for interference from abroad.In addition, there can be no `groups` in a house of the Father, who wouldput other gods before Him else they can not lay claim as such or of HisName. The Christ of the Gospels speaks only of sacrifice and giving, as inthe Holy Community referred to by St. Paul, not worldly corruption ofsocialism of control, taking, and selective giving.

Karl Marx was the father of a socialism of the world that no good has everarisen from and whose fruits of evil continue to ripen and to be chosen. Inmany ways, his prophecy of a dead world has come forth and Christianity hasbecome `like lickspittle` but it is not the Truth and it is not over untilChrist comes again.. Marx can claim no victories for labour that men couldnot have done for themselves in freedom of choosing from themselves, theirown responsible leaders of nations.

The Truth of blindness… Were that blindness, the physical affliction ofthe heavy cross of patience and perseverance to be exquisitely and eternallybathed in beauty, evil… the obvious would be transparent. Yet, what elsewould a spiritual blindness be that would crush the head of a mere babegasping for its first breath and grasping for love and nourishment of fromthe host of its new life.

Could there be any more evil and cruel an act, sanctioned no less in thestrongest nation of the world, cried to the heavens for retribution to bebrought on us all in the free world satisfied in our affirming silence.Indeed, yes, ‘may a curse be on us all’, not by what is asked, but surelywhat is deserved.

If we ever doubted we have absolute free choice within the gift of Truth,let this act stand alone and bear witness to all doubters. Can we hurt God,whatever our motive or whim. Is there a more exacting way whose equivalentwould be the like act of our son imposing the same fate on his sibling. That we would put such priority on our own perceived comfort of lifestyleover the very life of another Child of God is indeed a blindness and aspiritual block to all humanity.For what, worldly notion of 30 pcs of silver do we sell out the Christ,career, self fulfilment,self comfort, self belief, perhaps mere self satisfaction, self pride, selfembarrassment or a perverted alliance with society equally at one with self,and the world.

These are all rewards or comforts of fleeting duration as life itself…whose shortness abuts and contrasts the enormity of the imperative existenceof life… the eternal result of the struggle of souls for God as must beproven or forged in Truth. It is always the soul and its mystery entwinedwith life that is primal, not the world and its pains or comforts,sacrifices or joys, or accolades or chastisements. Not of the nation, that anation could ever redeem souls but of the individual.

On Woman

The gift of life itself was entrusted with woman. The Son of God, no lessentrusted with a mother, granted one such without sin, but in model ofwoman, into a world dominated by Satan, but in defiance to him and in hopefor the world. Entrusted for the youthful development and protection of thatlife from the world. For the nourishment with the greatest staple of all,love… for that child. Entrusted with the very perpetuation of life itself.Though equal in difficulty and importance to the brides of Christ, whatgreater or more gratifying social calling of the world could there be thanthis.

A child of God is such, first, and of the father and mother second.Conception is life, is God`s domain, is the first day of the present and thepossibility of the future. A future that can be nurtured and shaped intohealing goodness and greater, and at the least, the joy of mother and childin loving, meaningful, and a needful bond and validation of the soul. Thepast can always be redeemed or atoned and healed, but only the future canoffer hope and goodness at any time through grace.

The past has no authority to offer moral choice to the present. Moralauthority lies within the domain of eternal Truth. And were that it waspossible there could be broken souls who could not be healed by Truth ofJesus Christ, could the world then heal them.There are none who could not be healed by Truth, but there are those whowould stridently prevent themselves and others from knowing truth, orhearing it through their shouts.

Paul Gordon

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