New SGA president and VP announced

Melissa Weigel

Joe Breslin and Steve Cronin are the winners of the SGA run-off election for student body president and vice president.

The results were announced on Tuesday at the Oreo by Tim McGovern, current Student Government Association vice president.

“Our reaction to the results was obviously ecstatic,” said Breslin.  

“Steve and I are honored to have been selected by the student body and hope to continue the success that SGA has had in the past.”

Based on feedback acquired while campaigning door-to-door, Breslin and Cronin say they intend to work on their plans for a 24-hour study lounge/Holy Grounds in the library before the end of the academic year.

Also, they would like to begin work on improving the image of the trail linking South and Main campuses.

“Most importantly, we would like to continue to work with Nestor [Fernandez, current SGA president] and Tim [McGovern] in order to ensure a smooth transition of administrations,” Breslin said.

Because Breslin and Cronin were three votes shy of winning a majority in the original election, the top two tickets faced each other in a run-off vote.

Breslin and Cronin received 1,226 votes while the opposing candidates, Paul Vitale and Brian Collins, received 419.

Both tickets picked up approximately 300 votes in this election. Overall, 169 fewer students voted in this run-off election than in the original one.

Vitale said, “It is unfortunate that we came up short, but this was a great experience and I was very happy to be part of it.” He plans to apply for the available Arts senator position to continue his involvement with SGA.

“I am extremely excited to see the two individuals who were chosen to lead SGA. I think that they are both committed to making Villanova a better place,” Fernandez said.

He added, “I think that the few issues that were left unfinished by my administration will be finished due to the continuity effort that Joe and Steve have been making.”

“We are very excited to get started immediately and look forward to making ourselves open and available to students’ comments, concerns, and ideas,” Breslin said. “Steve and I intend on listening first, and then acting on those ideas.”