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Dear Editor:

I was truly shocked that only 26 students showed up at the Town Hall meeting. I am dissapointed because with that turnout, your administrators probably left thinking that either the students are quite happy and felt no reason to come, or they just don’t care enough to come and so why should the administration pay attention when complaints arise? Logically, if no one showed up, than it means they don’t have any issues. You guys have to realize a few important things: (1) the administration does not read your mind, they need to be told what your concerns are, (2) the administrators that attended are incredibly hard to get time with, as they are extremely busy people. Yet they all made time to be together at that meeting, and you didn’t come. Why should they make time for you all individually, since you clearly didn’t show enough respect for their own time.

Think about it guys. Four years will fly by, so why not make them the best they can be?

TracyC&F – Class of 1998