PRESS RELEASE: Healthcare Forum at Haverford College

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Democracy Unplugged presents a Health care Forum

On Friday, April 16th at 7:30pm, Democracy Unplugggedwill present a Health Care Forum at Haverford College’s Chase Auditorium.This event is co-sponsored by the Bryn Mawr andHaverford Student Network.

This Healthcare Forum will focus on Pennsylvania’s Malpractice Insurance Situation,which is causing many Doctors to leave Pennsylvania.Other Health care issues will also be covered.

The Forum Members will include;Ted Meehan from the Toomey Campaign,Greg Phillips, Democratic Candidate for the 7th Congressional District,Samuel Krakow, Green Candidate for the 7th Congressional District(currently an intern at a Delaware County Hospital),Dr. Brian Broker of Bryn Mawr HospitalDr. Tim Lachman, currently on Staff at Lankenau,

The Specter Campaign has also been invitedto send a Representative.

This Forum will begin with opening statementsby each Panel Member,followed by a question and answer session fromthe Student Panel.Lastly, we will have questions and answers fromthe audience.

For further information, call 610-543-8427.