IFC President asked to step down

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Dear Editor; I am writing in concern with the recent action by the greek life office. They recently have asked Inter-Fraternal Council President Phil Jackson (Brother of Phi Sigma Kappa) to resign his position, by the greek life office. The reason behind the request of greek life has not been fully defined, as questions between what the actual charge has not totally been answered. The main grievance that I am bringing to your attention is as we have seen many times at Villanova, the system that is set up to be the judge and jury in accusations has not been used to determine Mr. Jackson’s fate. A judiciary board is set up every year to take action on cases that come up throughout the year. Unfortunately in the case of Mr. Jackson a judiciary board was not used. Staci Bishop and John Osborne have asked Mr. Jackson to sit down to keep status quo in the Greek community, as well as the right Public Relations move that we at Villanova have come all too accustom to. I am personally tired of watching Villanova administration go around the system protocol that is set up to determine the outcome in these situations and to instead make decisions that will simply make the problem go away without the problem being heard. It is our right to ask for a judiciary hearing for Phil Jackson, as well as the right given to us in the Villanova Handbook – aka Villanova’s Bible.

– A Visibly Concerned member of the Greek Community


I ask that my name remain unpublished if chosen to be in the Villanovan, and to be listed as either anonymous or “A visibly concerned member of the greek community.”