Michael McDermott

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Dear Editor, Just a quick follow up on the e-mail I sent you previously regarding singer/songwriter Michael McDermott’s upcoming performance at The Point. With these 2 special acoustic shows now less than a month away I wanted touch base with you again to see if you are interested in Michael’s publicist sending you a press kit. It would be terrific to see Michael featured in your first issue to welcome the students back this fall. Respectfully, Troy DeckebachWanted Man [email protected] “The new album is very introspective and lyrical — the singer stays true to his style of heartfelt storytelling and bewitching melodies…” – Chicago Sun-Times “It’s so nice to have Michael back with an incredible album and a single that sounds greaton the air. Listeners are already calling for it..” – Bruce Warren, PD, WXPN, Philadelphia “McDermott may well become one of his generations greatest talents.” Washington Post

“620 W. Surf, one of the most auspicious debuts of the decade.”Seattle Rocket

“His songs simply sing themselves.”Details

“He is a powerful folk-rock singer with a developed melodic facility and lots of stage charisma.”New York Times

“Michael McDermott deftly weaves folk and Celtic influences through his finely detailed music portraits, which range from rockers to more spiritual acoustic numbers.”Philadelphia City Paper

He’s a singer and poet who might throw a bit of light on things.Irish American Press

“Michael McDermott is a valuable songwriter, true to our formless and difficult lives.”Detroit Metro Times

“McDermott’s writing remains heavy with imagery few songwriters would dare to muster, but it sounds as if he’s yearning for understanding rather than being simply didactic.”Illinois Entertainer

“He’s found a rhythm that really works … both dark and light, introspective and retrospective.”Hard Report

“Michael’s music is clean and pure, with an emphasis on mature songwriting and lyrical depth.”FMBQ “Michael’s strength is his poetic lyrical sensibility, and there are many moments on the album that will knock you over.”Dennis Constantine

“McDermott’s moving vision of love and remorse is unbeatable.”Palm Beach Post

“At this moment of diminished expectations, when the very tone of so much rock and roll seems to echo the downsized heart of the age, Michael McDermott is swinging for the fences.”Philadelphia Inquirer

“McDermott simultaneously resurrects the validity and vibrancy of the rock and roll form, and he tears at its spiritual foundations looking for meaning.”True Tunes

“He is without a doubt one of the games most literate writers.”Atlantic City Press “He remains on of the most poignant, thoughtful and melodic storytellers of his generation.” Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express Metro”McDermott’s powerful writing and new-found enthusiasm are a potent combination.” Chicago Tribune