past cartoonist. my father

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To Whom this May Concern,

My father attended Villanova between the years of 1948 to 1952, where he graduated. His name is William J.C. Houston aka “tex” , he was a yell leader and the cartoonist for your paper. This things I believe may have not gone unnoticed. I am trying to find copy of his cartoon “Wildcat White” my fathers copies have been lost since he returned from Naval service. I have tried contacting your paper, it has been about a month with no answers or regrets.

The reason for my request is because my father is my hero. He speaks highly of his days at Villanova and I think finding copy of his cartoon would be a great surprize. Yell leaders I think were not too common back then either. He has traveled the world, was a talented aviator, a great father and a amazing husband to my mother. The man is almost 80 years old, works out at the gym 6 days a week and is in the peak of health.

If anyone could help me from your paper it would be an incredibly wonderful thing I could do for my father.

Thank you,Tamara “tex” Houston4465 Pennsylvania Ave.Kansas City MO [email protected]