3 September 2004 Villanova

[email protected]

This email is in response to the embarrasing and immature article that was written by two of your staff writers. This article makes unsubstantiated claims that while Villanova University students are studying abroad in other countries, they are often unruly and act in a manner that is unbecoming of Villanova students. Additionally, a picture was posted that depicts some Villanova students, as well as myself, at a bar called the Church in London. Not one of the people depicted in the picture was interviewed for the article. There was also nothing but negative criticism in the article, yet our picture was attached with it. Our London program was depicted in the picture, but not even a mention of it was made in the article. It mentions that students miss work in the caption and are an embarassment to the University. We were all working 50-hour work weeks while we were there. If we hadn’t, then several of us wouldn’t have been offered jobs for the upcoming year. Your obvious lack of research for this article is shown because in European cultures, it is acceptable to drink during the work day. The article in your paper was not only erroneous but unethical. Slander is illegal, and that is what has occured here. Our picture was used without all of the people in the picture’s consent and we were written negatively about in the article. This is simply not correct nor does it hold to the values of this school. I and the rest of the people depicted in the photograph would like a full explination as well as an apology. I also intend to take this matter up with Father Dobbin. It is not right for a university supported paper to endorse such slanderous and defamational claims. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Jeff Parry