Top 10 worst qualities of both Candidates

Santo Caruso

No one is being held responsible for intelligence: It’s understandable to make mistakes, even major ones. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, and the world is a better place now that he is gone, but the whole time George W. Bush has stood by the intelligence that was gathered. Not only were they wrong about WMD’s, but there has been no proof of connections between Al Qaeda and Iraq. In fact most members of the terrorist group hate Saddam Hussein, including Osama Bin Laden. Why has no one been fired, reprimanded or held accountable for these failures in intelligence?

He is destroying the separation of church and state: I have gone to Catholic or religious-based schools for upwards of 15 years now, so I cannot be called a God-basher, but I do not see how Bush can present these “faith-based initiatives” without seeing the direct conflict with our Constitution. Bush is an “Evangelical Christian,” and believes firmly that only followers of his ilk will enjoy eternal salvation. This seems a bit disconcerting for the rest of world, but it does explain why he does not mind killing innocent Iraqis and executing so many people in Texas.

He has destroyed the economy: Proponents of Bush argue that he inherited the “Clinton Recession” (a cute term for a $200 trillion surplus), but does this make him any less accountable? It’s so nice to point at the previous presidency, but he has had four years to turn the economy back around, show some signs of initiative or improvement, or for one thing slow down inflation. And yet he did none of this.

There is a chance for more: No, I don’t mean simply four more years, I mean more war, more tax cuts for the rich and more suspicious deals in backrooms of the White House. Without a re-election to worry about in 2008, and potential free rein of the government (the Senate, House and a majority of the governships will be Republican this year) he can do almost as he pleases. Clinton seemed to show some restraint in his second term with similar power, but Bush has even more power. The passing of the Patriot Act and various other pieces of legislation give him the ability to make things worse.

He will never be held accountable: The people surrounding 43 are brilliant, and I mean Da Vinci-Michaelangelo-Alex Trebek-brilliant. No matter what he does, they find a way to shed the best light on it. Every mistake seems to be an intentional lapse in judgement that sets up his next move. The man traded Sammy Sosa for nothing, and they’d convince us he is infallible. Put it this way, he was the first president with a criminal record. How many people knew that?

He Went to Yale: I cannot even get into any college, nevertheless Yale, and this man goes there and enters the secret society that rules the world (and you thought it was 10 Jewish bankers in Switzerland). I’m not saying money was involved, I’m just saying money was involved

He made our country a laughingstock: Most believe Clinton did this, but that is completely false. Most countries were either just disgusted by Clinton’s actions, or did not understand why we made such a big deal about them. We were still represented by a smooth, cool guy that made us all look better. Instead we have a stuttering Texan who everyone is a little uncomfortable around.

Dick Cheney: This man is pure evil. Not like a Jason or Freddy Krueger evil, like Lex Luthor evil. I do not trust him; I believe he lies boldly and without care to Americans, and his ties to Haliburton, Enron and other large businesses are the most disturbing shadows ever cast over an elected official.

He misled the public: On so many issues. He won’t talk about the secret Enron meetings, and Ken Lay will probably be indicted around election time (oh what a coincidence). He has led us all to believe that Iraq had nuclear weapons, and we could not wait for the smoking gun to become “a mushroom cloud.” He played on our worst fears to start a war. For this I cannot forgive him, not that he wants my forgiveness, because unlike him I am going to hell because I only go to church every other week.

He might be the next president.

He refuses to take the election: Bush has made a mess for four years, and the Democrats have had this time to prepare to steal back the presidency. What have they done? They are taking the high road while the Republicans work the body like Rocky on Drago, and pretty soon, the big Boston man is gonna tumble. This election could be his, if he could punch and score points on some major issues. What does he do? He avoids them all and worries about …

Vietnam: Hey John, were you in Vietnam? I can’t remember. And how did making Vietnam the focus work out for you? Didn’t you know the Republicans are not afraid to say things that completely contradict solid facts, like your Navy Record? And now you’re up the Bang River without a paddle because it turns out you nominated yourself for the Bronze Star. It was 30 years ago, let’s just move on.

His accent: Now, now, step back, I am not Karl Marx revolting against the ruling class fighting for the proletariat. But every time he opens his mouth it sounds like caviar and crystal are pouring out. And not cool rich like Puff Daddy or Tommy Lee – like Bill Gates dorky rich. The middle class American, whom he is trying to protect, cannot relate to him. Half the country doesn’t even know where you learn to talk like that. This is why Edwards is a much better speaker. A down-home, southern accent makes us all feel safe, while Kerry controls everything in the background.

Ketchup: I am a Hunt’s man, not a Heinz man.

He will be hemmed in: As mentioned previously, the Republicans will control the government regardless of who is president, so all the Democrats can do is sneak in the backdoor and sink their battleship. Unfortunately, this means Kerry will be greatly restricted in what he can do to turn things around. This is what I mean when I say it is possible that only Bush can right the ship.

He went to Yale: I can’t even get into any college, nevertheless Yale, and this man goes there and enters the secret society that rules the world (and you thought it was 10 Jewish bankers in Switzerland).

His backers: The man is a Boston Red Sox fan and Ben Affleck was at the Democratic National Convention in support of him. Why don’t they, change the mascot from a donkey to a black cat? At least Michael Moore’s movies made money; Jersey Girl was about the state everyone loves to hate, and people hated the movie even more. Why doesn’t he just give up and make Scott Norwood his vice president.

He is boring: I feel like every time he talks, it is a race to see who falls asleep first: Him or me. He tries to speak with passion and conviction, but he seems at a loss for energy. Bush at least seems to be loud, boisterous and there is always potential for him to say something ridiculous. He captures the attention, and that is something Kerry has not done yet.

He’s stranded like Tom Hanks: In his acceptance speech, Kerry talked of all the great things he wanted to do for the country. Save the economy, restore our image, make us all proud to be Americans! But wait? He never said how. He has yet to show us this great plan of his – just a lot of talk right now. Right now we need action.

He might be the next president.