Greene makes his NFL picks

James Evans

The season starts this Sunday, so of course I have to come out with my uneducated guesses. So, let’s get right to it.


1. New England Patriots. After a mid-season tiff with Ty Law, it seems like the Pats are back on the path towards the Super Bowl this year, especially with the addition of Corey Dillon at running back. Also, it helps when a team has the best coach in all of football, Bill Belichick.

2. Buffalo Bills. Frankly, this team has been a big upset for the last two season. The funny thing is that everyone thought they would be good when they got Drew Bledsoe at. But what team would be good with a statue playing quarterback.

3. New York Jets. Chad Pennington is the most overrated quarterback in the league. Everyone always thinks he is the most important player on that team. But actually it’s Curtis Martin and with him another year older and a step slower this team will falter.

4. Miami Dolphins. Ricky Williams’ succumbing to finding himself has lead to the Dolphins decent to the AFC East basement. Without one of the top-rushers in the league, this once dangerous team is now going to be a pushover in the AFC.

AFC North

1. Cincinnati Bengals. There rise to the top last year came out of nowhere and by the end of the season, everyone was rooting for them to make the playoffs. However, they faltered, but showed everyone that they are dangerous. This year with Carson Palmer at quarterback, they will be assured of a mid-January game.

2. Baltimore Ravens. The defense once again is solid, especially with Ray Lewis. However, with Deion Sanders coming back this should provide some funny moments. Deion might think he still has it, but his problem is that as usual, his mouth is faster than himself.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers. This team will see some success with the addition of Duce Staley in the backfield. However, he does not have a good enough quarterback to hand him the ball. Enjoy seeing Bill Cowher on the sidelines this year, it could be his last in Pittsburgh.

4. Cleveland Browns. Jeff Garcia was run out of San Francisco because of an egotistic receiver (Owens) and because of a little excessive drinking and driving. Now he has a new team, a new opportunity, but he won’t be able to find any success in Cleveland this year.

AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts. The Colts season ended last year with a thud as they were handled pretty easily by the Patriots. Now the Colts will be looking to make a statement this season, and they will. Let’s just hope they won’t have to leave their dome during the playoffs, because if they do, they might have to be watching the Super Bowl on the couch again.

2. Tennessee Titans. The Titans have an absolute warrior at quarterback in Steve McNair. He will play injured and he will still be better then half the league’s quarterbacks. And don’t think that Eddie George leaving will hurt them, because he was as reliable last year as me getting to my classes on time.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars. This team is a year away from being a contender in the AFC. They have a warrior at quarterback, just like the Titans, in Bryon Leftwich. Leftwich should be able to guide this team to eight wins.

4. Houston Texans. The Texans are just like the Jaguars, about a year away from having a competitive team and with David Carr having another year under his belt, this team has nothing but upside.

AFC West

1. Kansas City Chiefs. This team has the best offense in all of the NFL, with Priest Holmes at running back and Trent Green at quarterback and a solid core of receivers. Too bad they don’t have a defense to rival their offense.

2. Oakland Raiders. The team is rejuvenated in large part to spending by Al Davis. With Warren Sapp, Ted Washington and Bobby Hamilton on the front line for the defense, opposing quarterbacks won’t have that much time to decide.

3. Denver Broncos. They improved their defense by acquiring Champ Bailey, however with the departure of running back Clinton Portis, the true Jake Plummer should emerge and cause this team to fall apart.

4. San Diego Chargers. When a team can’t sign their top draft pick until midway through training camp and then decide to go with Drew Bress over a proven winner in Doug Flutie, this equation equals three wins, max.

NFC East

1. Washington Redskins. Put Joe Gibbs back in the helm of the Washington Redskins and I don’t care who they have on their team, they will win ball games. The Redskins additions of a proven quarterback and running back don’t hurt either.

2. Philadelphia Eagles. The addition of Terrell Owens will sure be a big boost for a team that couldn’t hold on to the football last year. However, McNabb has to rediscover his ability to run for this team to be successful.

3. New York Giants. The Giants have two solid quarterbacks, and no matter who is taking the snaps behind center, they should be a threat and not a team to be overlooked in the East this year.

4. Dallas Cowboys. Bill Parcells needs to be a magician this year to lead the Cowboys back to the playoffs. He was a magician last year, but when you cut Quincy Carter and then decide to put your offense in the hands of a 40-plus Vinny Testaverde, with no running game, that is an equation for disaster.

NFC West

1. Minnesota Vikings. The last second loss to the Cardinals last year, should be enough motivation for this team this year. And with Daunte Culpepper, Randy Moss and the acquisition of Marcus Robinson, the sky is the limit for this team’s potential.

2. Green Bay Packers. The Packers last year were one play away from going to the NFC Championship game. However, as another year passed and Brett Farve grows older, it seems as this team’s chances of a Super Bowl berth or even a playoff berth are numbered. However, I still would not want to face Brett and the Packers come playoff time.

3. Detroit Lions. This team is about to explode and become a good one, however, I don’t think it is this year. With a young quarterback, Joey Harrington, a young running back, Kevin Jones, and one of the top receiving cores in the NFL, this team could be very dangerous next year.

4. Chicago Bears. Remember that 13-3 season? Frankly, I think that was a dream that everyone in the world had and realistically this team was 5-11. However, nevertheless this team has dropped once again to the bottom of the NFC North and Brian Urlacher will be intimidating enough to probably give Chicago four wins.

NFC South

1.Atlanta Falcons. Throw away last season for the Falcons, it didn’t count. They didn’t have the best player in the game, Michael Vick, for the entire season. With Vick back at the helm this team is looking at a double-digit win season.

2. Carolina Panthers. The Panthers last year came out of nowhere and were four points away from sealing there season with a Super Bowl trophy. This year Jake Delhomme will be back, however, this year everyone will be gunning for this team and they won’t be able to sneak up on anyone.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers have lost Warren Sapp and traded away Keyshawn Johnson. Last year they struggled to a 7-9 season. Jon Gruden will be able to motivate this team to probably another seven-win season.

4. New Orleans Saints. The Saints had a healthy Aaron Brooks at quarterback last year and a healthy Deuce McAllister; however, they still struggled to only eight wins. This team will continue to falter as they didn’t make any big moves during the off-season, while the rest of the division improved.

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks. Last year the Seahawks were one interception away from going a round deeper into the playoffs. It seems as if Mike Holmgren is finally having an impact up north. Matt Hassleback and Shaun Alexander provide one of the most dangerous one-two punches in the league. This team might be hoisting the Lombardi trophy come February.

2. St. Louis Rams. The Rams offense continues to hold up that title of the “Best Show on Turf,” especially with Marc Bulger and receivers Torry Holt and Issac Bruce. However, as the Patriots proved last year, you can have the best offense in the world, but it is defense that wins games and championships.

3. Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals at No. 3 in West? Yes, it’s not a typo. This team is actually starting to turn it around. The hiring of Dennis Green was one of the smartest moves this organization has made in a while. Plus, with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin they have great receivers. Now they just need to get a quarterback to throw them the ball.

4. San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers decided to cut there starting quarterback and then trade away their only star player, Terrell Owens. This is all payback from the football gods for all those years of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

AFC Wildcard Teams: Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens. NFC Wildcard Teams: Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers.

AFC Champs: New England Patriots. NFC Champs: Seattle Seahawks. Super Bowl Champs: New England Patriots over Seattle Seahawks, 28-17