Graduate School

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I’m in Prof. Ross’s class and she told me to submit this story.

Last Monday’s graduate school lecture revealed that an advanced degree can garner up to $2.3 million more than an undergraduate degree.

Don Asher, author of “Graduate Admissions Essays,” said in his lecture “Strategies to Gain Admission to Highly Competitive Graduate Programs,” that PhD’s get back $1.3 million more than undergraduates and doctors and lawyers can retrieve up to $2.3 million more than undergraduates.

You can get a “massive payback” if you complete an advanced degree, said Asher.

The percentage of students going to full-time graduate school directly out of college has risen 4% at Villanova alone from 21% in 2002 to 25% in 2003, according to the Villanova University Career Placement Statistics.

Because of increased competition to apply to graduate school, Asher gave some tips to about 70 students at the lecture on how to stand out. He advised students to correspond with the graduate school faculty, visit the school and have an outstanding work sample.

In addition, put the target faculty in you essay, use confidence and focus on the future said Asher.

“There’s nothing personal about a personal statement,” said Dr. Emmet McLaughlin, Graduate Program Director of History for Villanova University’s Graduate Program, at Villanova’s Graduate School’s Open House on Tuesday Oct 18.

The Open House was held in Connelly Center and gave students an opportunity to gain additional insight on graduate admissions with a wide arrange of areas from history to law. The Open House also included lectures and workshops for students, for example, “Personal Statement Workshop: How to Write a Winning Admissions Essay,” by Kaplan.

Students should start by knowing what you want to do, said Bridget Bowers, Assistant Director of Career Services. Do not go to graduate school just to avoid the real world, rather talk to people in your field and get advice from them.

“Be really organized in your process,” said Bowers – one of the most important things to do.

Also, Asher said not to confine yourself to schools within a four hour drive from your house, but rather look at “wildly fantastic” schools.

“Don’t be weak in this,” said Asher. “Don’t self select out.”

In order to gain more information on graduate school, you can contact Career Services, which provides one-on-one appointments and graduate school guides.