Military Draft

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Dear Editor:The military draft is a critical election-year issue. George Bush repeatedly states his intent to spread “Freedom” throughout the Middle East and the world and this tall order cannot be achieved with the all volunteer army.

The crucial shortfall in today’s military, in particular the army, is soldiers. Troops currently are deployed in Afghanistan, against “worldwide terror”, Iraq, Germany, and South Korea. We also have troops stationed in the Homeland. Since the insurgency in Iraq has reduced stability there to zero, Bush will require a draft if, say, Iran or North Korea–genuine threats–cross the line in their acquisition or deployment of nukes.

The U.S. military is stretched so thin that National Guard troops and Army Reservists make up 40% of troops in Iraq. Bush has implemented “stop loss” denying soldiers a chance to leave the army when their enlistment is up. Troops are being recycled to serve two tours in Iraq, where 1,100 of their numbers have been slaughtered and thousands maimed. Iraqis trained by U.S. forces have run from battle or joined the insurgency. I feel a draft, and the wind’s blowing from Iraq.

Bush, Cheney & their Neo-Con cronies pushed this nation into a quagmire against an enemy that had no WMD or links to Osama bin Ladin. They put the religious fanatics on steroids; now, our military spread tissue thin, a draft is indispensible so Bush can complete his crackpot vision of spreading his utopian “Freedom” throughout the world.

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