The Real World Philly: Episode 10

Nick Sampogna

This week’s episode was MJ’s birthday, and with his friend in town, only fun can ensue. Sarah made breakfast in bed for her roommate, a gesture warmly welcomed by MJ; the roommates also went to Dave and Buster’s in the city. Everyone seemed to have had a great time, playing the games and enjoying the apparent fireworks (that I can only assume were for July 4, or maybe Memorial Day).

The real fun began when Landon, MJ and MJ’s friend, Will, leave the girls and hit up Coyote Ugly (yes, like the movie). All the guys had a great time, especially Landon, who brought a girl home, and got comfortable in the hot tub … and the shower. MJ was also greeted by a party, cake and hanging out. He even brought out his new “superhero” personality: Muja Star. Donned in a blue sheet, a mask and strategically placed socks and underwear, Muja Star ran around the house, proclaiming his new identity.

As the next morning comes, Landon and his new friend part ways, and Shavonda reveals her distaste and dislike for Landon’s nightly shower activities. All is interrupted, however, by flowers Shavonda receives from Shaun, whom we all remember she hung up on just one week ago. Phone calls are made and things are forgiven between Shavonda and Shaun, as are things between Landon and Shavonda by the end of the episode.

Next week, we see the roommates get their first work assignment, and Landon takes on a large chunk of the responsibility, pissing off his roommates. Sarah is also showed verbally abusing Landon, probably for his actions, but I guess we will all have to wait until next week.

‘Nova Students Speak Out

“Shavonda, please make up your mind about Landon; do you hate him? Like him? What?” – Joe Hawkins, freshmen

“Apparently, Shavonda needs to stop drinking the hate-orade.” – Matt McGoldrick, sophomore