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Mr. Matt Siblo

Welcome to the game. That’s what it’s all about, right?

I know the power the Villanovan has at Villanova. I also know we’re all addicted to reading IM profiles, procrastinating till 4:30 a.m., and trying to find a late-night cure for our overworked brains.

Well, here’s the hot new way to waste time on the Internet. It’s It’s like thefacebook except with a wicked twist: Instead of just networking with friends at Villanova, you TRADE your friends for hotter, smarter ones. Yes, it’s heartless. Yes, it’s the Anti-Friendster. Yes, it’s evil trading your buddies for a hotter set, but Catch27 is packed with a punch of pure 127% guilty pleasure.

Your social life is a game. Right? You may as well play it.

Enough of the pitch, let me give the DL. My name is Lindsey Johnson, Stanford graduate, and Director of Campus PR for This site offers a way for college students and young professionals to connect with their peers, THEIR way. It’s a fun, no b.s. way to meet new people, but with that fiendish twist.(You can also BUY friends at Catch27—–3 for 99 cents. Which makes it about three times more addicting than thefacebook with all the terribly, you know, all the Ooooo Ooooo Ooo well-behaved people.) The best part is, if you’re really good at collecting and trading friends (one guy at Harvard is collecting all the Sarahs on the site), you’ll be rewarded with prizes like a Sidekick II, an Ipod, or a pair of $800 Jimmy Choo shoes. Why not earn a little somethin’ somethin’ if you’re playing the game of life anyway?

I’d like you to check out the site. www.Catch27.comIt was created by E. Jean Carroll, the veteran advice columnist for Elle magazine, Esquire journalist and SNL writer. I would especially like to connect with your sex/relationship advice columnist. Maybe even your sports columnist, since relationships are the greatest sport there is, right?

I am your fountain of knowledge on Catch27, so contact me anytime. I can be reached on the phone at 650-248-7175. I want to make sureyour staff has all their questions answered. I look forward to hearing from you.

Everyone has a devilish desire to play the social game with no regrets. Now they can!

Lindsey JohnsonDirector of Campus